Find Your Why

Wednesday Wisdom

“Find your why then use it to channel your motivation,” With all the new year celebrations now finished, it’s time to get back on track and re-focus on those new years resolutions we promised ourselves. For many that will probably involve giving up a favourite treat or finally signing up to a gym. Whether you’ve already made a health and fitness related resolution or not, I’m going to explain the importance of finding your why to ensure you make 2019 your year!

Find Your Motivation!

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or you’re just starting out, the best way to maintain or find your motivation for keeping fit is to think about why you started or want to start in the first place. What is the main factor that made you take the plunge into fitness? Maybe you weren’t happy with how you looked? You might have wanted to be stronger? Or you may have just wanted to improve your overall health and fitness?

Whatever the reason, you must find your why to remind yourself on the reasons you started! Here are 5 ideas below to help you find your inner motivation:

1. Find A Role Model

Use somebody else as your motivation that has already achieved what you are wanting to become e.g If I wanted to get into bodybuilding and maybe step on stage one day…I’d look up to current successful bodybuilders to see what their habits and rituals looked like. I’d follow them on social media so I could see what their daily routines were and maybe look at implementing some of those into my own daily routines, habits and rituals. Find someone who has what you want!

2. Set Some Goals

Start by choosing 3-5 goals you wish to achieve to help keep you on track and progressing on your fitness journey. You may want to lose a stone in weight? Deadlift a 100kg? Be able to run for 10 minutes without stopping? Commit to getting to the gym 3 days a week? Whatever goals you choose…prioritize them, track them and most importantly smash the hell out of them!

3. Find Support From Friends & Family

Let your family and social circle know about your plans to get fit so that they understand as well as support your journey. Not only will they keep you accountable when they catch you trying to raid the fridge for a midnight snack….(we’ve all been there)….but you might actually become their role model for them to start getting fit too!

4. Make It Fun

Fitness should be fun and not seen as a punishment or chore. If you do not enjoy doing something then you’re not going to stick to it. So if you find yourself slogging away at the treadmill whilst hating every second of it, look at changing your workout routine – maybe try some new exercises? The same as if you find yourself retching every time you eat kale, but you’ve read somewhere it’s Gods own super vegetable packed with all sorts of goodness…put the damn kale down and find a vegetable you’re actually going to look forward to eating!

5. Reward Yourself

Probably one of the most important factors that most people forget. We’re so quick to beat ourselves up for that one bad meal we may have had or for that one workout which didn’t happen, that we forget to look at everything else that has gone well or that we’ve already achieved. However, only reward yourself if you’ve earned it… don’t be having a weekend ‘cheat meal’ if you’ve spent the entire week cheating on your diet!

Find your why, follow these 5 steps and hit the ground running into 2019!

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Decide What You Want The Most!

Motivational Monday’s

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” Today I’m going to briefly cover what it takes to follow a balanced diet and how sometimes we must decide what we want the most when faced with temptation or cravings. Of course, we should go out and enjoy ourselves. I’m definitely not implying we must live restrictive lifestyles but sometimes small sacrifices have to be made if we want the results we desire.

Don’t Give In To Temptation

When it comes to sticking to a meal plan or following a balanced diet, we will all come across those moments when cravings or temptations are put in front of us. I’m sure we’ve all had one of those moments, when you’ve eaten your meals and suddenly a chocolate cravings kick in. Or maybe you go to a family meal with good intentions to restrict certain foods and suddenly a triple chocolate cheesecake is brought out for dessert and you can’t say no!

Factor In Treats

Now I’m not saying we have to completely cut out all of our favourite foods as we have to live and enjoy the little treats from time to time. However, we must be aware of when these are eaten and how often they are being eaten. Try factoring them into your meal plans maybe once a week or plan ahead so you can eat light meals on the day you’re going to have a treat. This will help to avoid over eating and increasing your calorie intake.

Keep Your End Goal In Sight

On the flip side, we do have to be accountable for some self control. There will be times when cravings kick in or desserts are put in front of us and we will have to make a decision. Ask yourself, If I give in to my cravings or eat this dessert will it affect my goal? The last thing you want is to follow a plan or eat well all week to destroy all of your hard work in one sitting. You must decide whether it’s worth satisfying yourself for the now or whether the end goal is more important, especially if it’s weight loss.

What Do You Want The Most?

I’m definitely not one to advocate restrictive diets, however a level of discipline and accountability must be followed to ensure we hit our dietary goals whether it’s to lose weight, gain weight or to just simply follow a balanced healthy diet. Go enjoy foods, find what works best for you and don’t forget to treat yourself! Just be aware of those days when you’ll have to say no and be disciplined to achieve your goal…the results will be worth it in the end!

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Can You Commit To 3 Months?

Motivational Monday’s

“3 months from now, you’ll thank yourself.” That gives you 12 weeks to re focus on your goals, set aside any excuses that may have stopped you in the past and dedicate your time to making a positive difference to yourself. Can you commit to 3 months of hard work and determination?

You can achieve a lot in 3 months if you really put your mind to it or, you can sit back and carry on doing what you’re doing whilst the months pass by without a single thing changing. I challenge you to make a difference in your life and prove to yourself what you can achieve in a short period of time.

Write Down Your Goals

Write out the goals you wish to achieve on a list so you can clearly see them every day. Having your goals visible will allow you to stay focused on them on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid of also writing down some big goals but at the same time be realistic. The list should consist of goals you wish to achieve not what anybody else thinks you should do. For example lose/gain weight, start exercising, learn how to cook etc.

Write Down Your Barriers

As well as writing out your goals, it’s also important that you are aware of any barriers that will slow you down or prevent you from achieving your goals. Examples could include lack of time, lack of knowledge, bad diet etc. Once you have your list, try to create a solution for each one.

Let’s say you want to start exercising on a regular basis but you use lack of time as an excuse…make time. Plan out your days and find periods of free time between your work/life routine. You’ll soon find that you suddenly have time when you need it, even if that means you miss watching your favourite TV program. You can always catch up another day!

Be Patient

As with anything that’s worth doing, you have to be patient and give it time. If it was easy then everybody would be doing it or have achieved it. Consistency is key and if you stick to your plan, you will achieve your goal. As I stated at the beginning of this post, 3 months will either pass quickly without you achieving or changing anything or you can get stuck in and commit to making a change whilst hitting your goals. Ensure it’s the latter!

Can You Commit To 3 Months?

Write down your goals, give a solution to each of your potential barriers and be patient whilst being consistent. Stick to the above and you will see a change, results or a visible difference in whatever it is you decide to do. Commit to 3 months and prove to yourself that you can achieve great things in just 12 weeks. You’ll soon find yourself setting bigger goals and achieving bigger things!

Check the link below to Learn How To Goal Set Effectively! 

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