Make Life Easier With My Go To Diet Hacks!

Dieting can be a hard slog sometimes. One day it can feel like no matter how much you eat you’re forever fighting off hunger cravings, sugar cravings, pretty much any random craving your body decides to throw at you! The next, you can eat an apple all day and not feel hungry. Ok…so that last example was a little extreme but you get the idea.

I want to help make life easier for you by giving you some of my go to diet hacks that I still use today. Trust me, they are a life saver when you hit one of those days of struggle. If I knew when I first started to change my diet what I know now, I would have definitely saved myself from giving in to temptation which may have lead to a few less weekends of binge eating!

Remember, being on a diet doesn’t mean you’re only goal is weight loss. A ‘diet’ is just a term used for the food that we eat regularly. Therefore, you can use these diet hacks whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain weight or just simply make a few changes to improve your diet.

These are the sort of tips I wish people would have told me, so I want to save you the hassle of discovering them for yourself and share them with you. I guarantee, even if you implement just one of these diet hacks into your own diets, they will help you in the long term and lay a foundation for better eating habits.

Drink Fizzy Water

Keeping hydrated is one of the most important factors in a diet, with some arguing being hydrated is more important than the foods you eat. The average recommendation is to drink 2 litres a day as a minimum, but I would recommend 3-4 litres a day if you are regularly exercising. If you fail to drink enough throughout the day you will become dehydrated. Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger leading to the consumption of unnecessary calories.

If you struggle to drink water or get at least 2 litres a day in fluids on board, then flavoured fizzy water may be your solution. Just ensure you opt for the sugar free varieties as they are also virtually calorie free. Obviously, natural H2O is the better choice but fizzy water will help you to get used to drinking more. So why go for fizzy?

The Hack – You can pick up fizzy water in a range of flavours and it still has a sweet taste without all the added sugar. This is a great replacement for sugar loaded sodas or juices you may be consuming. On top of that, fizzy water will give you the feeling of being full as the fizz will slightly bloat you. This will reduce the chance of you wanting to snack, especially between meals or on an evening when that sneaky craving monster comes calling!

Sugar Free Jelly

Sugar free jelly is an absolute must when it comes to satisfying those dreaded sugar cravings. It has saved me from so many late night cravings that could have easily become late night binge eating sessions. It’s also a great dessert substitution that will help you from piling into that chocolate cake with all those extra calories.

The Hack – Sugar free jelly is the perfect guilt free dessert replacement when cravings kick in as it has a really low calorie count, it’s sugar free and most importantly you still get dessert!

Eat Little And Often

I’m sure most of us have all been brought up on the norm of eating 3 meals a day consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. This may work for some of you but personally I find it much better to eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. This helps me to control my hunger as it reduces time between meals as well as keeping me fueled both pre and post workout.

This one will require a bit of planning on your part with meal timings and will vary for everyone. If eating 3 big meals a day works for you, then stick with it. Some of your timings may be dictated by your work schedule so find what works for you. If you want to try to implement more meals throughout the day then aim for 2-3 hours between meals.

The Hack – Spreading your food intake across 5-6 meals will allow you to be in better control of any hunger pangs. It’s a lot more versatile as you can plan meal timings around your work routine and training sessions, saving you from going hungry for hours in between the usual 3 meals a day.

Track Your Intake

Whatever your nutrition goal is, you need to know what your daily calorie allowance is. Without knowing how many calories you can consume a day you are just guessing, and it’s probably the main reason why you may be struggling with your diet. Everybody is different with many factors determining your individual calorie allowance, so I recommend using a free online calorie calculator. Here’s a free one that I’ve used in the past —-> Grenade Fit Calorie Calculator

Once you have your calorie allowance, you can begin logging your food. I’d recommend getting a free app so you can log on the move as well as pre plan what you’re going to eat. MyFitnessPal is a great app that I still use daily as it’s free, easy to use and has a huge database of foods that you can log.

I know life isn’t about tracking every little gram of food we eat but it’s a great habit to follow when you have a set goal or target. I never really understood calories when I first started trying to make better food choices, which meant I was guessing and why my results hit a plateau fairly quickly. Make sure you don’t fall into the same trap!

The Hack – Logging your food will subconsciously enable you to make better food choices and stick to your diet. You will know exactly what your daily allowance is so you’ll be accountable for your own food choices. You’ll be less likely to eat that chocolate cake knowing that you have to log it and see the devastating effects it will have on all of your hard work!

It’s Time To Hack Your Diet!

I challenge you to pick one of my diet hacks and implement then into your routine to see if they can help you too. If there’s something specific that you are struggling with and you would like me to help, then comment below and I’ll advise as best I can. Also, if you’ve come across any of your own diet hacks then please share your findings!




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