My Top 5 Great Low Calorie Snacks When Dieting – Say Yes To Junk Food!

Yes…you can still eat junk food without it ruining all of your hard work! That doesn’t mean, however, that we can forget about our healthy eating habits and routines we already have in place. There are some great low calorie snacks out there that will satisfy your need for junk food without destroying your daily calorie intake.

They key is factoring them into your diet by knowing how many calories you can consume daily and how many calories your little ‘treat’ is going to use up. I use the term ‘treat’ light heartedly because personally I believe if you want something that is deemed as a treat, such as chocolate, then just have some in moderation.

For me, having my daily fix of chocolate keeps me sane as it’s very easy to restrict too much when dieting. Having my daily ‘treat’ curbs the cravings and removes the tendency of wanting what you can’t have. We still have to enjoy the foods we eat and life’s too short to not have the things we want! Just factor them in.

It’s very easy to overeat on junk foods and the calories will soon rack up. Therefore, we have to be smart with our choices by opting for lower calorie snacks that still satisfy our cravings. Over time, through my own experiences, I have compiled a list of some great low calorie snacks that will do just that. Junk food is back on…in moderation!

1. Curly Wurly

With both chocolate and caramel being mixed together in one bar, as well as each Curly Wurly being less than 120 calories…what more could you ask for!? No, a single Curly Wurly will not fill you up but it will leave you feeling satisfied when you need that sugar fix.

As each bar is less than 120 calories, you will easily be able to factor one of these into your diets. Just keep an eye on your sugar intake as each Curly Wurly contains 13 grams of the sweet stuff. However, as calories go, this is a great chocolate based option when craving.

Curly Wurly Macros: Kcals-118 Fat-4.6g Carbs-18g Sugar-13g Protein-0.8g

2. Haribo Mini Bags

These mini bags of goodies are another great low calorie option and they are perfect as either a pre workout or post workout snack. The reason I would consume them either before or after a workout is because of their high sugar content. Each mini bag has up to 10 grams of sugar which is a lot for such a small portion!

However, you can use this to your advantage by either consuming them before a workout to help give your body an extra boost of energy, or after a workout to help your body re supply its worked muscles. As each mini bag is also so low in calories, you would easily be able to fit these around both your eating and workout routines.

Let’s check out four of the most popular varieties of Haribo mini bags that you can buy:

Starmix Mini Bag Macros: Kcals-50 Fat-0g Carbs-12.6g Sugar-10.1g Protein-1g
Mini Bag Macros: Kcals-55 Fat-0.1g Carbs-12.8g Sugar-8.8g Protein-1g
Tangfastic Mini Bag Macros: Kcals-55, Fat-0g Carbs-12.8g Sugar-8g Protein-1g 
Cola Bottles Mini Bag Macros: Kcals-56 Fat-0g Carbs-12.6g Sugar-9.4g Protein-1.1g

3. Funsize Chocolate Bars

Everyone has their favourite chocolate bar that they can’t resist! Well how about choosing to go for a funsized version of it and you may just be able to have one as part of your diet. Now, I’ve always argued that there’s nothing funsized about a funsized chocolate bar…I mean what’s fun about a smaller bar? However, with fewer calories and the same level of satisfaction I may have to agree to disagree. Below are some of the most popular chocolate bars you can buy:

Funsize Twix Macros: Kcals-98 Fat-4.8g Carbs-12.8g Sugar-9.6g Protein-1g
Funsize Snickers Macros: Kcals-88 Fat-4.4g Carbs-10.2g Sugar-8.9g Protein-1.6g
Funsize Mars Bar Macros: Kcals-84 Fat-3.1g Carbs-12.9g Sugar-10.5g Protein-0.7g
Funsize Milkway Macros: Kcals-69 Fat-2.4g Carbs-11.2g Sugar-10g Protein-0.6g
Funsize Bounty Macros: Kcals-134 Fat-7g Carbs-16.5g Sugar-13.5g Protein-1.2g

4. Baked/Popped Crisps

When you just want something to crunch on, crisps seem to be a popular go to for most people. However, pick up any bag of your favourite brand of crisps and you’ll see they are usually high in both calories and fat. Not good for the waistline! Try opting for their baked or popped alternatives if you can. Not only are they lower in calories but lower in fat too…double win. Here are some of the varieties available:

Walkers Baked Crisps Macros: Kcals-109 Fat-3.4g Carbs-17.3g Sugar-1.5g Protein-1.7g
Walkers Sunbites Macros: Kcals-123 Fat-6.1g Carbs-14.7g Sugar-2.7g Protein-1.6g
Popchips Macros: Kcals-94 Fat-3.3g Carbs-14g Sugar-0.5g Protein-1.3g
Kallo Pop Crisps Macros: Kcals-86 Fat-2.2g Carbs-13.9g Sugar-0.6g Protein-1.6g
(Macros may vary within each brand as there are a variety of flavours to choose from)

5. Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt is the perfect alternative to all of you ice cream lovers out there! I’m a fan of ice cream myself so I know your pain if you struggle with cravings or eating it in moderation. The problem is, ice cream is very high in calories, crammed full of sugar and is very easy to eat without realising you’ve just finished a whole tub to yourself!

Switching to frozen yoghurt will massively reduce your calorie intake but at the same time satisfy those cravings. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. However, keep an eye on your sugar intake as the yoghurt alternatives aren’t always lower in sugar. Here are a few products you can check out but most supermarkets will do their own branded frozen yoghurts too:

YooMoo Macros Per 100ml: Kcals-77 Fat-0.8g Carbs-14.5g Sugar-11.5g Protein-1.6g
Ben & Jerry’s Froyo Macros Per 105g: Kcals-180 Fat-2.5g Carbs-35g Sugar-27g Protein-5g
(Macros may vary within each brand as there are a variety of flavours to choose from)


I just want to make it clear that I am in no way stating that eating a diet of junk food is the right thing to do. However, as long as you are aware of your food intake and you have your ‘treat’ in moderation, you can factor them into your eating routine. This way, we can still enjoy the foods we want without restricting everything!

I hope you found this helpful and if you have any snacks of your own that you have come across or think should be on the list then share the wealth and let me know!






The only thing out of your list that would not make me feel terrible afterward is Frozen Yogurt. I am extremely sensitive to bad carbs and sugar so I avoid them most of the time. Especially after Haribo, I feel terrible. I really like dark chocolate even more than regular chocolate. Since it’s summer I also treat myself with some ice cream from time to time.

I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate myself! If you’re looking for a less calorie dense alternative then check out Halo Top ice cream or Breyer’s ice cream…they won’t disappoint.

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