Protein Power Ice Pops – Fun Summer Treats!

Ice pops are an old childhood favourite of mine. There was nothing better than coming home to raid your freezer to find some fun summer treats after spending the day running around outside, especially when the sun was blazing during the summer months. Unfortunately, the shop bought ice-pops can be very calorie dense, full of processed flavours and/or artificial colours not to mention the crazy amounts of refined sugar (probably why I liked them so much!)

Create Your Own!

This can cause a problem if you like to keep on top of your diet, yet you’re looking for that little ice cold treat to cool you down. Well not anymore! Creating homemade ice pops is so much better for you as you can control the ingredients and know exactly what’s going into them. Not only that, but the variations and flavours you can create at home are endless and super easy to make. This gives you the perfect excuse to get into the kitchen, grab your thinking caps and get experimenting to make your very own ice pops!

The Power Of Protein!

My Protein Power Ice Pops are great as a snack or even as a post workout refreshment. They’re quick and simple to make with the added benefit of not worrying about cheating on your diet…not to mention they taste good too! My Protein Power Ice Pops are also perfect for anyone wanting to keep their protein intake high as there’s just under 9 grams of protein per ice pop.

Check out my recipe below to get started on making your very own ice pops. I hope you find this recipe useful and create yourself some fun tasting frozen treats!

The Recipe:

What You Will Need:

  • Ice-pop moulds with sticks. (I bought a pack of 4 moulds that came with their own plastic handles/sticks and they are 100ml in capacity. If you can only find the moulds then wooden lollipop sticks will also do the job).
  • A Blender


  • Natural Greek Yoghurt – 200g (Try and opt for a low-fat, low sugar and high protein option where possible).
  • Fruit Of Your Choice – 200g (I used a mixture of store-bought frozen berries…they’re usually cheaper).
  • Casein Protein Powder – 20g (Casein powder makes the consitency a little thicker when mixed with the yoghurt but standard whey powder will also work. I used Grenade’s Hydra 6 which is a blend of both whey and casein powder).


  1. Place the natural Greek yoghurt and protein powder into a bowl. Mix them both together until a smooth, creamy like mixture is created ensuring all the protein powder is mixed in well. You don’t want the mixture to be lumpy. Once this is done, place the protein and yoghurt mixture to one side and grab your chosen fruit.
  2. Pour the fruit of your choice into a blender until a smooth fruity paste is created. You may need to add a drop of water into the blender just to help the fruit blend a little easier (depending on how strong the blender is and the type of fruit chosen).
  3. Now you can start to put the Protein Power Ice-Pops together! To ensure I had an even amount of the protein yoghurt mixture and fruit in each ice-pop, I measured out the protein yoghurt mixtures and fruit separately. As my ice-pop moulds had 100ml capacity, I put 50ml of the protein yoghurt into each mould then 50ml of the fruit mixture into each mould. However, feel free to put the mixtures into the moulds how you like e.g. you could place several layers into the moulds or you could put your fruit in first and then the protein yoghurt mixture.
  4. Finally, insert your handles/sticks into the moulds, place them into a freezer and then wait for your guilt free Protein Power Ice-Pops to set! (Allow 6-8 hours for the mixtures to set fully)

Calories And Macros:

Per Protein Power Ice-Pop:

  • 72 Calories
  • 0.5g Fat
  • 0g Sat Fat
  • 7.4g Carbs
  • 7g Sugar
  • 1.1g Fibre
  • 8.7g Protein

(Calories and macros may vary depending on the fruit, yoghurt and brand of protein powder used)

Now It’s Your Turn!

You can see how simple my recipe is and how quick you can put together your own frozen goodies. Remember, you can mix up the fruits, flavour of protein and yoghurt to make a whole variety of different flavoured ice pops. There’s no more excuses to stick to the sugar loaded shop bought brands!







Great content! I will definitely be trying one of these recipes and adjusting to best suit me. I love the set out of this blog post and how you have incorporated an Instagram sidebar to build social proof. Overall with the outstanding content you can expect high traffic rates and a re visiting community. Keep helping people like you have done here and you will be rewarded. Love It!

Thanks for the positive feedback Clancy! You won’t be disappointed with the ice pops…I’ve got plenty more recipes to share so hopefully you’ll enjoy what’s to come.

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